Saturday, September 12, 2015

Free Series by C.W. Nightly

Free Series by C. W. Knightly
Reviewed by Lorraine Loveit
I don’t know what I was expecting from this author, with “Free to Try” being her first ever novel.
I was not only pleasantly surprised but I thoroughly enjoyed it and furthermore, the story stayed with me long after I read it. This is a rarity for me given the amount of reading I have done over the years.
So when the second book “Free to Trust” was released I was eager to get started on it.
I like series where the main characters featured in one book become minor characters in other books, therefore keeping them in the story.
Another feature of this series is that it is packed full of suspense. So, while it fits nicely into the erotic romance genre there, is also a fair bit of action going on ‘out of the bedroom’.
There are only two books in the series so far, but I’m hoping Ms, Nightly releases a third one.
I can highly recommend this series with both books keeping me interested until the very last page.

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