Sunday, September 6, 2015

Mrs. Pollifax Series

Mrs. Pollifax Series
The Mrs. Pollifax Series by Dorothy Gillman

I wasn't expecting to like this series. My father recommended this to me. And, while we didn't have exactly the same taste in book, we did have some crossover. Still, it just didn't sound like it would be good. It just sounded SO sounded implausible. A senior citizen walking into a CIA office to apply for a job as an agent and gets mistaken for someone that director is waiting for? Then gets put on assignment?? Not likely, right? Well, Miss Pollifax is an unexpectedly charming series. And, Ms. Pollifax turns out to be quite the firecracker and uses her newly learned Karate skills in some pretty dangerous situations!

This is apparently an older series. However, it doesn't feel outdated or old. The story is one that could be written today regarding a different time period much like a hystorical novel. Mrs. Gillman has you cheering for Mrs. Pollifax as she travels all over the world on what are supposed to be fairly danger free assignments, yet  she ends up being very innovative in the most dangerous situations. The characters are always interesting and imaginative.

I haven't yet finished the series. I have about 3 more to go. But, I will so miss Mrs. Pollifax.

Mrs. Pollifax is narrated by the AMAZING Barbara Rosenblat. (For all of you Orange is the New Black fans, she plays Miss Rosa Cisneros) I don't think there's anything that Ms. Rosenblat can't narrate. She actually reads several series that I listen to, quite by coincidence. She can do any accent, and just has amazing delivery and style.

***** 5 Star Series
Reviewed by Marla Josephs
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